Originally from Italy, Paolo begins to develop his passion for photography while travelling through different countries in his early twenties. Back then we was fascinated by the opportunity to capture elements of different cultures and moments of beauty hidden in everyday life, but later moved to a more  personal and intimate reading of reality.
With that approach he started exploring the possibility of composing images with a deeper conceptual impact, reflecting his own aesthetic, emotional landscape and visual art influences more clearly.  

 Before moving to Vancouver, Canada, where he currently lives, Paolo attended photography studies in Mexico City and New York City. He now continues to develop his style, shooting freelance primarily in North America and focusing mostly on conceptual photography, urban, environmental portraiture, and still life. 

His current work explores the relationships human beings form with their environments, and the usage of panning techniques and long exposure to capture time, motion and urban feelings.
While travelling, Paolo still enjoy capturing the essence of different cultures with a photo-journalistic approach that steals from the aesthetic of the films photo-reporter Masters.

Paolo is currently a featured artist of Time Frame Gallery and has been previously in the roster of  both Fast Frames and Davie Art. All stores located in downtown Vancouver.

His last featured projects, all showcased in Vancouver, include: “Stillness in motion” (CAFE RUSTICO GALLERIA, 2015),  ”At the seaside” (MELRICHES CAFE, 2015) “Pulse with life” (LAB ART SHOW” and “ART IN THE CITY”, 2016)  and “Light paints” (RAWK: Vancouver and LAB ART SHOW, 2017).
His new project “Hands On” is in progress and might be showcased as early as 2019, both in Canada and Italy.

“Paolo Rubini’s natural composition and use of dramatic black and white enhances his way of seeing things.  There is so much going on in many of his images it takes a connoisseur to drink it all in.”    Allan de la Plante   – Vancouver -

“Paolo Rubini’s reading of reality through his sharp black and white photography offers a fascinating tool to explore the timeless contrast between life’s opposite forces: motion and stillness.”   PhotoManhattan  - New York City - 

To follow Paolo’s happenings and enjoy a more current selection of his work please follow him on social media:

- paolo_rubini_photography (Instagram)
- PR photography (FB official page)